Search for "essay writing service" and you see thousands of websites, each claiming to be the best one out there. So why should you choose EssayFolks? The most important reason – we care. We understand the trials and tribulations of student life. We too juggled part time work, social life and family along with our education, and we know how overwhelming it can be. But don't choose us simply because of this. EssayFolks can offer a lot more than just empathy! Here's what you can expect from us.

Experienced In-house Writers, Not Freelancers

  • We are academic writers ourselves, with years of experience in our respective subjects, and all of it is now at your disposal. We have stuck as a team for over five years now and delivered over 3000 papers.
  • Every paper that we undertake is written by a writer qualified in that subject, and each of us is capable of writing well-researched papers that clearly address instructors' requirements while taking care of the language and grammar and conforming  to academic rigor. Any theory used is properly explained, with requisite diagrams, tables, figures, or other required details, and the referencing is done in the required style.
  • Every paper additionally undergoes two independent peer reviews for quality.
  • All our work is completely original and we guarantee no fabrication/plagiarism in your paper, so that you can confidently "turn-it-in".

Almost all other essay writing services that you may likely encounter are 'man-in-the-middle' / 'dumb pipe' shops that merely outsource your paper to freelancers from sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer etc. for a profit. As they possess little to no knowledge and experience of academic writing themselves, they solely rely on freelancers' capabilities to do a good job. And freelancers are notorious for variations in quality of work and their inherent unreliability.

Rest assured of the highest standards of quality, integrity and commitment at every level when you working with EssayFolks. We accept your orders only if we are 100% confident of being able to deliver quality work to you before deadline. And once we do, we never settle for half-hearted or shoddy work.

Student Focus

We realize how your academic performance can literally chart the course of your entire life. At EssayFolks, we are sensitive to the fact that every time you order from us, you are placing an enormous amount of faith in us; it isn't the same as ordering a pizza! We will never offer you false promises, or try to make a quick buck out of you when you are on a tight deadline. We believe in long term associations. And those are made by delivering great quality work every time. We offer round-the-clock communication through Email, ensuring that we are just a click away, whenever you need us.

Value for Your Money

We remember how money was rarely in plenty when we were in college! That's why we price our services significantly lower than our competitors. In fact, our prices for college assistance are lower than their prices for High School offerings!

However, don't take our prices as the indicator of our quality. We are able to deliver exceptional quality at reasonable prices because we are not a conventional company. Ours is a lean operation with wafer-thin overheads, implying that almost your entire payment goes directly to the writers. We are bound by common good, and each of us is driven to deliver nothing but the best every time you place your trust with EssayFolks. So you can rest assured of maximum bang for your buck.


Not a fly-by-night operation that won't be around by the time your results are out. We started EssayFolks because we sincerely believed that we can offer valuable assistance to students. All of us here have a stake in the successful delivery of each of our writing engagements. We value long-term associations, and we take our reputation seriously. We would like nothing better than to have you recommend us to your friends.


Your papers are driven by deadlines, and so are we. We realize that the best work not turned up in time is of no value. Period.

Still not convinced?
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