Revision Policy

We take pride in our high quality academic assistance, but on a bad day, should we fail to meet your expectations, we are always ready to revise. We promise you that we will make as many revisions as it takes to make you happy. However, there are circumstances when we would not be able to entertain your requests for revisions. These are extenuating circumstances that may not always present themselves, but please do take a note of them. We won't be able to address your requests if:

  • Your revision instructions are in conflict with, or not in accordance with your initial guidelines and instructions. If your revision directions are in tune with your original instructions, we will be glad to take them on, and provide you as many revisions as it takes to make you happy.
  • Your revision requests require submission in less than six hours. We need time to deliver any satisfying results, so if you have some revisions to be made, do let us know well in time so that we can take them on.
  • There are significant alterations required for the paper, seven days after submission. If the paper requires significant changes to it, please do let us know within a period of seven days from the submission of the draft to you. In case you fail to do so, we will still take on your paper for revisions, but will charge an extra fee. Contact your project manager to get an estimate.
  • You would like to request for a different writer, but have less than 48 hours on your deadline. While we will be happy to offer you the services of another, more qualified writer on your special request, we would encourage you to make such requests at least 48 hours before the deadline, or we would not be able to meet your request.

Please note that you have seven days to approve your order. If no communication is made by you during this period, it would be assumed that you approve the product. Once you have approved the final product, you will be allowed to ask for a free revision only within seven days. During these seven days, we will offer you unlimited free revisions. Please read our Terms of Service for any further information.