What kind of academic assistance can I expect?

We understand how important your grades are to you, and therefore, we offer highly customized academic papers and assignments. We undertake all kinds of academic work – from critical essays, to proposals and full dissertations. Our clients include a mix of ESL students, students looking to concentrate on their majors or take on extra credit hours, college/university/PhD applicants and working professionals.

Do you write for all subjects?

We have a large team of writers from engineering, management, humanities and other backgrounds. Other than that, we have a network of professionals who relay their expertise to us whenever we need it. However, our forte is writing and we do not undertake numerical problems or programming assignments.

Who writes my papers?

We have a team of in house writers, and a network of subject matter experts who can be hired on consultation basis. Each writer is only hired after a rigorous testing regimen. Therefore, you can be assured of nothing but the best services from us.

How do you ensure quality?

Academic papers are not like any other content. They require an astuteness of mind, and a willingness to explore. We really value quality writing and therefore we maintain strict standards for on-boarding new writers. Additionally, every paper undergoes two independent peer reviews for quality. We guarantee a full check for plagiarism and other errors. We assure you that every time you place an order with us, you would be happy with the final result, and would want to come back to us for more.

Would you ever sell my paper to anyone else?

For every order we receive, we write a new paper. We do not sell or publish papers online. Since each paper is written for an individual, it becomes their legal property. For a paper written for you, all rights to it are solely yours, once the payment formalities are over. We also assure you that your paper would never be published anywhere, and that utmost confidentiality would always be maintained.

Would I get an A on my paper?

Your grades may not always depend on the paper we write for you. Your class participation, past performance and your rapport with your instructor go a long way in making your paper stand out. While we do not guarantee an A on every paper we write, we ensure you that every paper will be of extremely high quality. We also offer you revisions based on your instructor’s advice so that you always get the highest possible grades.

How much time will you take to deliver my paper?

Your paper will be delivered according to the deadline you have offered. While we recommend that you send us the instructions to your paper well in time, so that we can do justice to it, we also assure you of full cooperation in the event of a rush job. If we feel that the deadline for your assignment is too short for us to be able to do a quality job, we cancel your order upfront. We never offer false commitments or deliver shoddy work just to squeeze you when you are on a tight deadline.

Can I get any discounts?

We do offer discount codes from time to time. Please check for any relevant specials and discounts on Reddit, and use those codes at the time of billing to get your discounts.

Can I pay for my paper later?

Sorry, all orders need to be fully paid-up in advance. However, we do offer part payment facility for orders costing more than $300.

What if I am not satisfied?

We offer unlimited reviews to ensure maximum satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, we will continue to work on your project, until we give you exactly what you want. In most cases, owing to our commitment to quality, not more than 2 revisions are required.

Can I ask for a refund?

Refer to the section on refunds in our Terms of Service.