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We offer 300 words in a page, while most other services count just 250 words as a page – meaning that despite their lower advertised per page prices, you end up paying extra on account of more number of pages. This can have a big impact on your cost, especially for rush orders and long essays.


We don't fleece you on the pretext of premium writers, plagiarism check report etc. either. All our writers are educationally qualified and pass similar tests to be eligible to write for a particular academic level. And all our work is original.


Note that we do not offer help for numerical problems or programming assignments. Nor do we offer assistance for high school.


Our writing services are priced on a per page (300 words per page) basis in USD as follows.


DeadlineAcademic Level
More than 2 Weeks$24$28
11-14 Days$26$29
8-10 Days$27$30
6-7 Days$28$31
4-5 Days$30$32
48-72 Hours$32$35
24-48 Hours$35$38
12-24 Hours$37$41
6-12 Hours$40$45

  • If your deadline is 6-12 hours, message us your requirements. We will respond on priority and let you know whether we will be able to do justice to your assignment.
  • Prices include up to two required readings. If your paper demands longer readings, then they are charged extra at $10 per additional reading. This is to account for the additional effort and time that the writer must spend going through the readings. Note that this option does not apply for research for your paper in general, which is an integral part of each paper.
  • PDF copies of the references cited can be ordered for $20.
  • Editing and proofreading services are priced at half of the above prices.

Prices for dissertations and theses are as follows.


DeadlineAcademic Level
More than 2 Weeks$35$38
11-14 Days$37$41
8-10 Days$40$45

For your convenience, we have included a price calculator in the order form that you can use to calculate the total cost of your assignment before you place your order.


Please acknowledge that our services are prepaid. The deadline countdown begins when the order is fully paid.

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