Smear Campaign Against EssayFolks

So recently, while doing a routine check for our website, we found a curious post, dated December 16, 2017 suggesting that we took the money of a young freshman, and gave a less than ordinary paper, subsequently refusing to return their money or help them edit the paper itself. We would have been very concerned about this review, especially since we take our reputation very seriously, but then we read that this young student admitted to calling our phone number(s) and got connected to a woman. Two things seem suspicious here. First, we do not have phone numbers on our website that customers can contact us through. We had one number once, but we were getting more spam calls than anything else, so we discontinued it in early 2017. Most of our regulars can vouch for it. Second, even if this person would have got through to someone, it would have been Matt, who incidentally is a man (surprise surprise!). But this person says that he called us, and a woman picked up and got flustered when she did not know how to help him.

Students, if you are reading this, know that smear campaigns are not a one-off thing. They happened to EssayFolks and other essay services on Reddit, while they were competing each other because it is very easy to tarnish a service’s reputation through fake reviews in this industry. Take a gander at that site. This site suddenly appears one day, the author posts a few blogposts on a single day, and has not bothered to come back after that. All it does, really, is that it tarnishes EssayFolks’ image and accomplishes little else.

We urge you to use your own good sense, and avoid one-off sites that have nothing to offer but slander against a service. Why? Read on.

1. Nearly every review site you come across derides some businesses while promoting others. Chances are, these websites (most of which are made on WordPress or other free blogging platforms) are owned by essay companies themselves. The companies have to put in zero investment to start these websites, and with only a few posts, they can completely destroy the reputation of a competitor. The highly rated services on these review sites are usually their own sister sites or affiliates and they stand to gain financially through the smear campaigns.

2. All ratings are based on some unexplained rating systems, that do not reveal how they reached a score. The customer names cannot be verified and even the reputation of the review site itself is uncertain. So they really have no meaning.

3. Most written reviews are untrue. As opposed to reviews on sites such as Reddit, where you can actually reach out to the Redditors to verify their reviews, these websites offer absolutely no way to verify theirs.

So the next time you decide to give EssayFolks a miss because you read a single negative review from someone who does not even have the courage to reveal his/her name, think about why that review is there and who stands to gain from it. Use your own good sense, and request a free, customized sample from us here. We are the only service, which is confident enough to offer a free, customized sample to prospective clients, allowing them to judge our quality before paying us. Hard work goes into each of these samples, but we still do them because we are not a fly-by-night operation. We are legitimate, and we intend to stay that way. Most of our clients have stayed on with us because we treat them well and offer high-quality services.

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